Spoken English
English Spoken is necessary for everyone 
English Spoken is very important in the daily life because of it is widely use/. 
How to Improve the Speaking Skills?
Good and fluent English fascinate the people and it enhances the overall personality of an individual. There are many people who feel hesitation while speaking English. Is there any way through which they can improve their English? The answer is yes, if you really want to improve your speaking skills, then you have to start conversations in the English. But if you are not correcting yourself on each and every step then it will not work because you need someone who corrects you and guide you for your mistakes. Vinayak Institute of Professional Studies (VIP Studies) is the best institution for those who want to start from the basic as well as those who want to make their fluency level.
We provide training not only to basic level students, but we help the higher level students to maintain their fluency level. We all know that today English has become very important and it is used everywhere. It is the official language of many countries. As for the job perspective also, English is very important for everyone. So, if you want to make a good command on the English language, then you can take the coaching in VIPS. .
Our different strategy of teaching involves the following
• Coaching according to level: We first of all judge the level of the students and then we further initiate their class according to the level of the students.

• Basic to high level: We start the coaching of the students from basic to higher level of the students. If the students have upper level then we start their coaching from the upper level without wasting their time.

• Focus more on speaking: We believe that you can achieve the things more by practically, so we always aim at speaking part more rather than the writing.

• More interactive activities: We promote the students on more interactive things like debate, declamations, on the spot topics, public speaking and giving presentations. Performing play and doing conversations etc.

• Focus on individual: We focus on every individual of the batch and provide them proper knowledge and help them in grooming their overall personality.

• Listening skills: We provide listening classes to the students in order to make them clear with the concept of different ways of speaking of foreign accent. Tests are conducted on the basis of the listening session.

• Regular tests: We also conduct tests after the completion of the particular topics, in order to judge the performance of the students.

Positive approach of VIPS
Vinayak Institute of Professional Studies (VIP Studies) is the prominent institute of the Pathankot and we train the students and help them in improving their English. We motivate the students on the speaking part and by delivering the speeches in English their hesitation get removed. We guide the students how they can improve their English and give them proper notes which are relevant. English can only be improved by practicing and this is the reason we emphasize more on doing the conversation in English. We have to create English as a part of our daily conversation. The more we conversate in English more we will learn it.